Dating, Failing marriages and the advice given (1) Draft.

Blog post #1Dating advice? Choose a passage in The Coquette and think about it in the context of contemporary dating advice—a site you may have read online, a book or movie like He’s Just Not That into You, an app, or any other self-help or advice literature you want to use to contextualize the novel. Provide links, quotes, or other materials.

The battle of choosing between two men, or even choosing to be with anyone at all. In The Coquette, we see the letters to and from Eliza Wharton, her views on dating, where in her world leads to marriage.

Your friends, Eliza, said she, would be very happy to see you united to a man of Mr. Boyer’s worth; and so agreeable settled, as he has a prospect of being. I hope, said I, that my friends are not so weary of my company, as to wish to dispose of me. Marriage is the tomb of friendship. It appears to me a very selfish state. Why do people, in general, as soon as they are married, centre all their cares, their concerns, and pleasures on their own families? Former acquaintances are neglected or forgotten. The tenderest ties between friends are weakened, or dissolved; and benevolence itself moves in a very limited sphere. – To Miss Lucy Freeman, New Haven, Letter XII

In this quote, it’s addressed clearly her stance on marriage, what it does to friendships and how it changes a person in ways that distastes her. In comparison to modern love stories or tragedies that topic is always of what marriage and dating can do to friendships and the advice brought by another colleague.

In the movie How to Lose a guy in 10 days, we see a writer finding ways to get rid of a guy, doing all the wrong and right things.


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