A Woman’s Role : Blog #5

In the novel Ruth Hall, it’s clear a woman’s role in society and the limited jobs available for women. Ruth Hall went from wife and homemaker to single mom struggling to put food on the table. The ideal image would be the women with the children at all times like the picture depicts below:


We see, after Ruth’s husband dies, she tries to go to a tailor shop and ask for a job mending and sewing. In which, the owner refuses to give her a job because he’s aware she comes from a wealthy family and she doesn’t have a place to keep her children while she’s at work. The role of a woman was mainly to be surrounded by their children if they had any.


Another option for women who are educated, like Ruth, is to be a school teacher. However, they have to go through a series of tests.


Ruth Hall struggled to get a job to provide for her children because of the limited jobs for women during her time. Being an educated women she had the advantage of becoming something more in which she does as a writer.


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