Ruth Hall, a writer, a mother and a provider Blog #6

To Ruth Hall, though writing is apart of her, it appears in the novel that her hidden identity was to hide herself. She viewed her role as a writer as providing for her children. Her success is created on proving others wrong, through her work, her actions in which we see throughout the novel. As a writer, she hides her identity behind the name ‘Floy’ and I believe she did so partially to protect her daughters.


However, her actions to hide behind a name and not coming out as “Ruth Hall the woman behind Floy”, I believe she did that in caution for the time period they were in. She knowingly acted behind a name. Writing was a form of work for her to provide for her children. We see that in the novel when her daughter asks if she’ll be a writer like her and when Ruth responds she’s extremely negative about it. She hopes that her daughters won’t have to work like she’s had to, to provide for their family. It seems like the reason why she hid behind a name was because she didn’t want to be in that position, she’d love to be a wife and a homemaker with her husband still alive.



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