Digital Edition Project Choice

I’d like to focus my project on Julia Ward Howe, she was an abolitionist, social activist and poet. I want to focus on her writings after she published an anonymous book of confessional poems which outraged her husband who in return tried to stop her from writing. Her husband, who is referenced on several sites as more of a dictator than a husband, died in 1876 thats when she was able to change her identity and create a new life fighting for women’s suffrage. She had six children and published six books. I want to focus on those books that many have probably read her work, but don’t know its actually her work. ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ which is her most famous pieces will also be addressed. Her wikipedia page doesn’t have much on her, so I want to go over that as well. Her books Reminiscences, From the Oak to the Olive: A Plain Record of a Pleasant Journey, A Trip to Cuba, Is polite society polite?, Margaret Fuller (Marchesa Ossoli), From Sunset Ridge: Poems Old and New. Three of her daughters also wrote about her after her death in 1910 which is something I’d like to read more up on.


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